Two days ago, a dull haze covered the sky, as if the wind carried smoke and ash from a distant volcanic eruption. The dwarves of Dwarfhaven discussed the strange weather, but only one dwarf was alarmed. Vardipoor, the eldest in the village, believed the haze to be a dangerous omen of awaking evil. The dwarves, who had lived in Dwarfhaven their whole lives without major incident, save a few wolf attacks and the incident with the lost and pugnacious troll, were quick to dismiss his concerns.

Yesterday the haze deepened such that the Sun itself was only visible as a dim outline in the sky. Dwarves started to become nervous and take Vardipoor’s concerns seriously. There were sightings of foul creatures in the woods and trolls emerging from the swamps to the east. In the span of two short days a peaceful and prosperous village was besieged by evil.

The Sun never rose on the 3rd day. Blackness covered the land and the Dwarves lived in fear for their lives. A direwolf came and slaughtered some of the village’s goats and slime creatures roamed poisoning anything they came into contact with.

Grognar, Korblan, Tormould, and Zarcob stopped over at Blingtor’s house to discuss the situation they found themselves in. On the mantle above his fireplace, Blingtor displayed the skull of a direwolf. Upon seeing it, Grognar went into a rage, smashing the skull. Only when the skull was unrecognizable was Grognar able to be subdued.

Thus begins the tale of The Lonely Dwarves.