Release Notes: Lonely Dwarves 1.5.2 Build 214

Release Candidate 1

* Bear Of Bad News deals more damage
* Endless Cup Of Coffee Value 1200 -> 1600, now provides ice resistance
* Goat Eye is now worth 115 and was added to Dwarf Haven’s shop to make travel a little easier.
* Gas Cloud’s scaling was reduced because it is a bit OP against Moose.
* Fireball does more initial damage.
* Slightly reduced encounter rates in the Labyrinth.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed bug that made breath animations look terrible. Now look awesome.
* Fixed some bad grammar
* Reduce the max number of trees in the forest to save FPS.
* In stores, touching where the item detail control is no longer displays nonsense.
* Raise Dead costs 30 mp in battle to match out of battle cost.
* Frosted soul was in the wrong slot type for one encounter
* Rebuild Body outside of battle costs 5 mp to match inside of battle
* Reduced the size of the monster touch points/flashing boxes to reduce overlap. This still looks bad on iPad.