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Release Notes: Lonely Dwarves 1.6.0 Build 230

Bugs Fixed:
* Gnome Mayor double reward
* Battle Events did not record damage/healing/kills/cheevos or give XP/Gold rewards. All Fixed
* Ostentatious Robe art was missing due to a typo
* Bad error message when buying something for someone with a full inventory.

New Features:
* New Background image for Geomancer Spells
* Support for arbitrary background image by spell.

* Mythril Mail Coif grants a HP bonus

Release Notes: Lonely Dwarves 1.5.2 Build 215

Release Candidate 2

* Water Yeti are now weak to electricity
* Added a small chance for the Mythril Hauberk to drop in the Labyrinth.
* Mythril Coif is available to buy in the gnome village.
* Improved scaling on Frost Bite, Ice Storm, Lightning Blast, and Thunderstorm.

Bug Fixes:
* First conversation in the Caverns triggered more than once.

Release Notes: Lonely Dwarves 1.5.0 Build 207

New Features:
* Reduce the chance of the same random encounter twice in a row.

Bug Fixes:
* In both the store and the equipment UI, hitting back after comparing an item will now maintain the selection.

* Dire Wolf has 250 HP, was 200.
* Buffed the Bronze, Steel, and Mythril Gauntlets.
* Buffed Splintered Crossbow to help Korblan’s early game.
* Buffed Scream Slime and Cube’s resistances
* Add + 10 HP to Zombie Orc
* Removed Rattlesnake encounters from the swamp dungeon. Those things were way too tough for this area after their last rebalance.
* Rebalanced some of the Swamp Cave encounters to accomodate the Rattlesnakes leaving.

Release Notes: Lonely Dwarves 1.5.0 Build 204

Releases from here are likely to be either small and low risk (like this one), or big but delayed before release for testing.

New Features:
* Added Images for Eel Skin Shirt, Armor Of Pain, Red Dragonscale Shoes

Changed the App Description for the App Store:

In “Tales of Jornica – The Lonely Dwarves”, a dwarven village awakens to find the sky darkened. To make matters worse, an influx of monsters is causing havok, with Dire Wolves snatching delicious goats and Trolls throwing potatoes in dwarf toilets. Four young dwarves with character flaws take it upon themselves to investigate the mess, mostly because it’s better than hanging out and waiting to starve.

More specifically, the game plays like a JRPG of yore, with monsters, weapons, potions, humor, magic, special abilities, big scary spiders, Orcs, Angry Moose, declining civilizations, pixel art, attitude, swamps, some steampunk stuff but not too much, beards, bone dust, secrets, did I say dwarves? Definitely Dwarves. Buy once, play everything.