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Another Song!

If after you listen to this you think, “WTF was that about?”, then I did my job.


Wrote a new song!


Orc Hideout Theme

New Year’s Eve goal: write some music.

Status: Success!

      Orc Hideout Theme

This track will be played when when the player infiltrates the Orc Hideout. At this point I think we’re 100% complete for music. There are 12 total tracks, and composing them I think has been the most fun part of writing my own game.

Lonely Dwarves Development Journal – 2/17/2014

This was a tough week for development due to sick babby occupying most of my time. It was a content creation week rather than a code writing week. New monsters were designed, Lore is being written, etc. I made some updates to my map editor software to support some of the features and started mapping out the caverns and doing some preliminary work on the Gnome Village.

I thought the soundtrack was complete previously but I was upset that the Gnome Village didn’t get it’s own theme song so I wrote one! I think the style of this song goes well with the personality of a gnome, I hope you agree. It ends abruptly because it’s meant to be looped…

Gnome Village Theme Song Preview:


If the player doesn’t work your browser can probably play the file if you put this in the address bar: