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Kirk Discusses Game Design: A New Series

Welcome to Kirk Discusses Game Design, where I (Kirk) will be sharing thoughts about, you guessed it, game design! These articles will be primarily focused on The Lonely Dwarves, some going into low level details of how systems work, and others about higher level big picture considerations.

I won’t shy away from describing what didn’t go as I had initially planned (post-mortem style), so hopefully there will be some take aways for you, the reader.

First up will be Damage Calculations. We will go into:

  • How the damage of a weapon or ability is expressed.
  • What calculations are applied to damage.
  • How defense works.
  • How the code is structured.
  • Game progression, how spells can stay relevant for the entire game, but weapons should be upgraded.
  • Balance, both how it works and how I achieved it.